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GotSport is a third party software MSC uses to register and organize players, coaches, teams, manage game schedules, etc.

  • How to create a new GotSport account.
    Follow the registration link on our website. Click on the "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" link at the bottom of the login info. Fill in requested info.
  • Where to log in to GotSport.
  • How to apply a voucher during registration.
    Voucher codes are added in the "Features" page during registration. Enter voucher code in the "Enter Code" field (shown in green below). Click "Apply" (shown in green below).
  • How to register multiple players.
    After registering a player, in the cart click on "Register Someone Else".
  • How to upload documents to your account.
    Log in to your GotSport account at . Choose "Account" tab, then "Family" and click on player's name. Click on the name of the family member you are uploading a document for. 4. Select "Documents" and then "+ New Document" 5. Select the Document Repository as "Birth Certificate- Middleton Soccer Club" and then click "Go". 6. Select Document Label as "Birth Certificate Upload". 7. Choose the file from your computer and click "Save".
  • How to purchase a uniform kit after completing registration.
    At this time, uniforms cannot be ordered from a phone. We have asked GotSport to make that an option. *If you have added a wrong size, GotSport will not let you remove it. You may email to have it removed. 1. On a desktop/laptop (does anyone still own one of those?!), log in to the GotSport account used to register the player. 2. Go to the "Program Registrations" tab and click on the ID number or "View" next to the correct player/program. 3. Click on "Add Ons" tab. Choose items and click "Add" at the bottom. Continue through payment.
  • Access your new coach account. (For those who didn't register as a coach.)
    Go to . Enter the email used on your coach account (contact registrar if you do not know it). Click on "Forgot Password?". Follow the instructions to complete your profile.
  • Complete your IYSA coach requirements.
    Log in to your GotSport coach account at . On "Dashboard" tab, click on "Details" next to each requirement: SafeSport, Background Check and Heads Up. Follow the instructions to complete each requirement. Be sure to use the same name and email address you used in your GotSport account. SafeSport takes about 90-min to complete. It requires renewal each year with a 30-min refresher course. Background Check requires renewal every two years. Heads Up requires renewal every two years. 4. Your requirements should update automatically. Contact registrar if not.
  • Upload SafeSport Certificate of Completion.
    If your SafeSport certificate doesn't automatically update in GotSport, you may try clicking on "Check Records". Note: Profile info (name, email, etc) in SafeSport and GotSport must match to find record. 2. If it's still not found, log in to your SafeSport account and go to "Transcript". 3. Find the correct certificate and "Download". 4. Go back to your GotSport account and click on "Show SafeSport Upload Form". Upload certificate.
  • Access your team roster.
    Log in to your GotSport coach account at . Click on "Team Management" tab. Click on your team name. 4. Click on "Rosters" tab. 5. Select the current event and click on "Search".
  • Print your team roster or ID cards.
    Log in to your GotSport coach account at . Click on "Team Management" tab. Click on your team name. 4. Click on "Rosters" tab. 5. Select the roster and click on "Search". 6. Select "ID Cards" (player cards) or "Roster PDF" (full roster with player pictures) and print.
  • Access your Dashboard from an iPhone.
    Log in to your GotSport coach account at . Click on person icon (you may have to scroll a little to get the white icon out of the white background!). Click on "Profile".​ Scroll down and click on 3 lines. From here, you may access Rosters via "Team Management".
  • Email team through GotSport.
    From your Team Page, click on "Messages". Select the current event and click on "Search". 3. Select who you want to contact under "Roles". 4. Type a subject and message, edit "From Name" if you'd like (ex. Middleton Soccer Club), then click on "Send".
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